Oracle customer and want to SAVE SOME MONEY?

Oracle customer and want to SAVE SOME MONEY? Oracle database 11gR2 free extended support is almost at its end. Time to upgrade or pay more to get less!

Currently Oracle 12c Release 1 is the only version for which Oracle still delivers the Premier Support. For Oracle database version 11gR2 the premier support ended January 2015, moving the support to a lower level called “Extended Support”. (NOTE: Versions to no longer have extended support (so no bug fixes, including PSUs, SPUs and BPs)). The biggest difference between Premier and extended support is the yearly support fee which needs to be paid, which is 10% higher for the first year of extended support, 20% higher for the following years. In other words: a higher price for less support. Click here to discover all differences between Premier, Extended and Sustaining support.

Luckily Oracle understands the complexity of upgrading to a higher version (install new software, testing, tuning, etc…) so for Oracle they offered several years of free Extended Support which will end on May 31st 2017.Starting from June 1st 2017, customers still running will need to pay a 20% higher support fee.

Time to take action! Monin’s “DBA on Demand” can help to upgrade your Oracle databases to the latest 12c version, ending up with following advantages:

  • Save some money as for 12c no additional 20% needs to be paid on top of the support fee
  • Run more securely with the latest database version and patches
  • Use the latest database features
  • Rely on Premier Support whenever needed

Depending on your needs, we can deliver the following upgrade/migration services:

  • Advice about the best way to upgrade your databases or migrate your data
  • Installation of 12c software
  • Database upgrades
  • Data migrations
  • Optionally support and management afterwards (called “Database Managed Services”), extended with in-depth database monitoring if required.

Also important to know, starting from Oracle 12c, only 2 database licenses remain:

  • Standard Edition Two
  • Enterprise Edition

So Standard Edition One and Standard Edition are replaced by Standard Edition Two. Customers running Standard Edition One databases will still have the increase of 20% of the support fee when upgrading to 12c Standard Edition Two (so no savings over here), but they’ll also have the advantage of running the latest version with premier support available as mentioned before.

Just ask us for more information about how we can help you save money by performing the upgrade to 12c and making sure your licenses are still compliant. Contact us by phone: +32 3 450 67 89, via e-mail: or by filling in the form on this page.

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