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Ensure your database environment
is secure, compliant, and performing at its best.

What do you get?

Never settle for uncertainty. Get a clear picture of your database health with Monin’s comprehensive database reviews.

You’ll get valuable insights into your database’s security, performance, cloud readiness, licensing, or overall efficiency. Our expert consultants use their decades of experience to analyse your databases against industry best practices and your vendor’s recommendations, leading to clear reports with actionable recommendations.

What’s in it for me?


Clear Priorities

Whether you need a more in-depth review in a specific area (security, backup, licenses) or discover a need for database management services, this general assessment gives you a clear roadmap for optimising your database. For organisations thinking about moving to the cloud, we offer a separate Cloud Pre-Migration Review.

Enhanced Security

Data is at the heart of your operation and its success, so give it the protection it deserves. Our Security Review identifies vulnerabilities and provides actionable recommendations to strengthen your security. We’ll make sure that your environment complies with industry best practices and vendor licensing policies.

Worry-free Backups

Make sure that your critical data is not just safe, but also recoverable. Our backup review evaluates your backup strategy and disaster recovery procedures, identifying what you can improve. With our recommendations, you’ll have a robust plan to restore your data quickly and efficiently in the event of an outage or other unexpected event.

What do our clients have to say

“Monin consistently delivers the perfect fit – consultants with the exact knowledge and expertise needed for our unique challenges.”

Rutger Saelmans, nFuse

How does it work

We customise our reviews to suit your particular requirements, no matter where your database is located (on-site, public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid environment). Our team has plenty of experience, so you can trust that we give reliable recommendations, regardless of your configuration.

Quick Review


Get a rapid snapshot of your database environment’s health. This initial evaluation gives a complete summary of your database setup, checking how well it follows the suggested best practices and pointing out possible issues that need attention. The Quick Review is perfect for organisations that want a basic assessment to find out any urgent problems and plan their future actions.



Security Review


We carefully examine your database environment for security weaknesses, making sure your data is secure from unauthorised access and cyberattacks. Our security experts will find and fix potential security risks, such as weak passwords, improper user permissions, and obsolete software. This review enhances your overall security level and makes sure that you adhere to industry standards and vendor licensing policies.



Backup Review


Our Backup Review makes sure that your critical data is protected. We assess your existing backup strategy and disaster recovery procedures, identifying any weaknesses. This could include infrequent backups, incomplete data coverage, or unreliable backup locations. Following the review, you’ll receive a clear report with recommendations to strengthen your data protection and streamline recovery.



License Review


Optimise your database licensing costs. Our team assesses your current licenses, providing a clear overview of utilised licenses and identifying opportunities for consolidation or optimisation. The License Review ensures you are not paying for unused licenses or features, helping you control your software expenses.



Cloud Pre-Migration Review



Planning a move to the cloud? Ensure you’re fully prepared. Our experts can assess your existing database environment to suggest a suitable cloud platform, estimate the necessary resources, identify potential risks, and craft a tailored migration plan. Prevent unexpected issues down the line and get tips for your future architecture.

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Our technologies

We offer direct support for industry-standard databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. For MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB, our subsidiary Zebanza provides seamless integration and support.

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