Cloud services

If you want to embrace the full potential of innovation, you could choose for the cloud to get up to speed, use existing modules and automate certain tasks. Additional resources can easily be added and/or removed (during certain periods such as a Christmas sale, at the end of a financial year, etc…) providing your organization the flexibility needed. The possibilities:

  • Through the Public Cloud, we offer the necessary services on Amazon, Oracle and Azure to obtain and manage databases in the clouds. The same goes for the application area.
  • The Monin Cloud allows us to host and manage databases in our datacenters, based in Belgium. Your advantages: your data stays in Belgium and you have a direct connection with the engineers building and managing the Monin Cloud.
  • Monin Cloud backup makes it possible to store your database backups off-site in our datacenters.


Cloud Services

If you want to embrace the full potential of innovation, you could choose for the cloud to get up to speed, use existing modules and automate certain tasks. Additional resources can easily be added and/or removed (during certain periods such as a Christmas sale, at the end of a financial year, etc…) providing your organization the flexibility needed.

Cloud POC (Proof of Concept)

Your journey to the cloud should be prepared very well. Performance and functionality needs to be tested on all different levels: database, application server, web server, etc… Fat clients used possibly need to be developed differently, connections need to be evaluated, etc… That’s where a POC can help to evaluate which cloud to choose, which options to configure and how, which software licenses are needed or which ones can be canceled. Beside of that, it’ll give you an insight in the overall costs of running your environment in the cloud.

Monin can setup a POC in the cloud together with you, providing advice in which cloud and which options to choose.

Public cloud

The public cloud offers customers several advantages (non-exhaustive list):

  • Virtualized: it has all advantages of a locally virtualized platform
  • Pay as you use: a customer only needs to pay for the resources (CPU, memory, disk space, …) used
  • Capacity on-demand: whenever needed, a customer can add or remove resources depending on the load
  • Constantly improving: the cloud vendors constantly improve the underlying hardware, security, features, etc…
  • Less management: depending on the solution chosen, management only starts from the Operating System. So no need to manage the storage, network, server hardware, etc…


Monin has built up the expertise to help customers choose the best cloud platform which fits their needs. Great partnerships with some sister companies help to ensure the best solution is delivered on the right way.

We offer advice, setup, migration, support, management and/or monitoring services for following public cloud vendors:

  • Oracle cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

Oracle Cloud MSP

Monin is an official Oracle Cloud MSP which can support customers with their journey towards the Oracle Public Cloud. Our certified Cloud Engineers will suggest, setup and manage the best possible Oracle Cloud solution for each separate customer, tailored to their needs.

After your environment (or a part of) has been moved to the Oracle Cloud, Monin can deliver complete management and support on this environment too. We developed 3 Cloud Managed packages based on the specific needs of our customers:

  • Support Package: focus on active support of the environment. Helpful for customers also performing some tasks by themselves
  • Prevent Package: focus on proactive support and preventive maintenance of the environment, including quarterly patching, capacity management, etc.
  • Fully Managed Package: focus on a complete unburden of all database related tasks, including database refreshes, deadlock investigations, index/table maintenance, etc.

This results in following advantages:

  • 24/7/365 availability of a DBA expert
  • Access to knowledge of the latest database versions and features
  • Easily to scale DBA services whenever the business grows
  • Budget is not required for courses, sickness or Holidays
  • Short hiring process to find a DBA which fits your needs
  • No need to hire a FTE, if there’s no work for a FTE.
  • Existing resources can focus on more strategic initiatives

These fixed price packages include anything to unburden our customers from their Database and Cloud administration tasks. This way, we do not only ensure maximum availability and security, but also keep their budget under control.

Monin cloud

At Monin we understand the need to run applications and databases in the cloud, but also the concern of storing data in datacenters abroad and losing some flexibility. That’s where the Monin cloud comes in.

Our datacenters are located in Belgium and have both VMWare and Oracle Virtualisation running, so it’s perfectly possible to run the Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on our Oracle Virtualisation platform while hosting Microsoft SQL Server databases and the applications on VMWare . That’s the flexibility we can offer towards our customers, resulting in following advantages:

  • The data is stored in our datacenters in Belgium;
  • We can provide more flexibility so the environment meets our customers business requirements, without the need to fit their systems/application in certain shapes;
  • Customers can have direct contact with our experts, so we can search together to find the best possible solution whenever needed;
  • Etc…

On top of that, our own Oracle Virtualisation platform has following advantages:

  • Optimized to run Oracle workloads in the best possible way;
  • Limit the number of Oracle licenses needed;
  • All support at 1 vendor: Hypervisor, OS and database;
  • Etc…


Cloud backup

Customers that want to protect their data also off-site, can rely on the Monin Cloud backup. Using our Cloud backup software, the data is backed up to our datacenters in Belgium. Backups are send and stored encrypted and compressed.

Alternatively, Monin can also configure database public cloud backups to Oracle, Amazon or Azure for our customers.

The advantages of using cloud backups (non-exhaustive list):

  • Data is stored remotely, in case of a datacenter crash, data can still be restored
  • No need to replace and manage tapes anymore which saves some costs

Sit down and relax, your database is in our experienced hands. Contact us for more information or an offer based on your demands, we’re happy to help you towards a smoothly operating database environment (by serving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterSystems Caché, Intersystems IRIS).

As a division of Hestia Managed Services, also other technologies can be supported. Check out the Hestia website for more information about technologies and possibilities.


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