Working @ Monin

We welcome everyone with open arms -or wings- within a stable and comfortable environment, in which the same group passion is shared. Monin consists of a family in which everyone is free to develop his/her strengths. We encourage everyone to select specific projects according to their interests, and look at innovative methods and technologies with an open mind. Are you the next raven to fly among our family?

DevOps (Nederlandse Versie)

Nieuwe innovaties binnen bedrijven zorgen ook voor meer data. Bovendien moet alles continu vernieuwd, getest en aangepast worden aan de nieuwste vereisten. Dit kan enkel via next-level automatisering die de snelheid van deze innovaties op peil weet te houden.

Database engineer (Nederlands Versie)

Omdat de data-hoeveelheid binnen bedrijven alsmaar toeneemt, neemt ook de nood aan een betrouwbaar dataplatform toe. Ook het “Microsoft Dataplatform” vervult hierin een belangrijke rol. Om de snelheid van innovatie op peil te houden, zetten we in op via next-level automatisering.

Database engineer (Nederlands Versie)

Omdat de data-hoeveelheid binnen bedrijven alsmaar toeneemt, neemt ook de nood aan een betrouwbaar dataplatform toe. Oracle is natuurlijk al zeer lang actief met data(bases) om hun missie te realiseren: “help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities”.

Sales (Nederlandse Versie)

Omdat we onze diensten en producten graag blijven uitdagen, omdat we graag out-of-the-box denken en natuurlijk om onze groei te kunnen realiseren, zijn we op zoek naar een Business Development Manager die graag samen met ons vooruit wil. Iets voor jou?

Database engineer (Nederlandse Versie)

Als Open-Source Database Reliability Engineer werk je aan het hart van de organisatie. Met andere woorden: een job met impact? Zeker weten. Samen met je collega’s beheer je de database omgeving van onze klanten: van advies/initiële setup en assessment tot het beheer en support, on-prem of in de cloud.

We want you to become part of our DBA community! Together we can build remarkable, innovative solutions for our customers. But that is not the end; you’ll be able to build and manage the fundament needed by the latest trends for Industry 4.0 (AI, chatbots, blockchain, machine learning, and so on).


Within Monin we strive for a stable working environment that focusses on comfort and an optimal life balance. Employees gain the opportunity to grow their passion for databases within a secure framework. The start-up mentality creates space for development, innovation and flexibility without any pressure or uncertainty.


As a database administrator, you work at the heart of a company’s IT and make sure that everything runs smoothly. This has a major impact on your work, which is why we pay extra attention to coaching, both on a personal level and at work. We shape your career path together and encourage you to try out new things.

Shared passion

Monin employees feel strongly connected through their shared passion and present group focus. Open and transparent communication is key and thanks to our training budget, our employees keep striving for variety and challenge within a comfortable environment.


At Monin, you end up in a welcoming environment, where a positive team spirit is at the heart of our work. We help you develop your career path in such a way you can grow and achieve your full potential. Through coaching and training, we stimulate everyone’s talents to create more impact on our customers. Are you ready to spread your wings @ Monin?


Database engineer

They believe in me even when I hardly can do it which makes me feel motivated to continue. Working at Monin surely is a challenge as you’re constantly growing and learning. I am fortunately surrounded by masters and they always have a hand for me. Sharing the knowledge and learning is fascinating and I hope this family keeps growing. If it depends on me, I will always be here to see the great things happening.


Database engineer

Working for Monin is something I never encountered before. Thanks to the Family atmosphere, created by all the nice colleagues but also by the bosses, I never encountered a morning where I did not feel happy to go to work. There is no huge big wall between us and the management which means we can always hop in for a talk or a laugh but also with all our questions and concerns. The fact that we work with flexible hours and the possibility of home working makes this job very interesting in combination with a family life. We receive a lot of opportunities, trainings when needed, but also interesting and challenging projects at a broad range of customers.


Database engineer

It is really great to work at Monin. We are giving the best to all of our customers and constantly learning and discovering new ways on how to improve the quality.

Within the Monin community, colleagues are eager to help and are constantly trained and coached to learn new things. At the end, Monin really is a people driven company with a family-oriented atmosphere.


Database engineer

Because we work for a lot of customers no single day is the same.
Challenges and opportunities come in from all directions.