Monin guarantees continuity at Group ADMB’s IT department


Group ADMB’s IT department is ready to support the company’s rapidly changing needs. Due to an adjustment of the company’s general IT structure, Group ADMB needed specialist expertise about quality control, release management and database monitoring. Monin, an Uptime Group company, brought the necessary knowledge and experience to the table.


As an HR services group, ADMB offers support for the HR policy of companies and organizations. Group ADMB is active throughout the country, operating a network of 60 offices and about 1.450 employees. The IT department employs 120 staff members and focuses on three domains: employers, self-employed entrepreneurs and families, health and prevention. For each of these domains, Group ADMB develops a wide range of applications in various technologies which is supported by ADMB’s IT team.

Until 2016, Group ADMB’s quality team for the ‘employers’ domain mainly worked for HORA, the payroll engine that the company develops in-house. HORA is developed in Oracle Forms, runs on Oracle Database and is linked to various apps and web services. When Group ADMB decided to review its IT structure in 2015, the quality team was moved to the company-wide IT support department: a major change for the quality team. 


It’s not just the field of action that changed for the quality team, its composition changed as well.  On very short notice, Group ADMB needed a reliable and solution-driven database partner, offering very specific expertise and a high level of flexibility. Group ADMB found that partner in Monin, an Uptime Group company.

Monin needed to handle the release management of the entire application portfolio of the group, across all professional domains. The current quality control and release management processes were first developed for the ’employers’ domain, while all the needs of the other domains are now being mapped out, followed by the roll-out of the optimised processes.

“We needed a suitable solution to strengthen our team right away. Thanks to Monin, we have access to the right expertise.” Bruno Zutterman, Team Lead Release & Quality Control at Group ADMB


Monitoring added an extra element to the team’s responsibilities. Together with AMDB, we started setting up a framework. The overview contains the tools used, what is already there and what is still missing.

In addition, there is also the type of information based on the monitoring process, which showed that they want to share more. There is a wide range of parameters that qualify for monitoring, such as calculation performance, storage capacity, and so on.

“We did have the expertise we needed in-house but it all came down to manpower. We didn’t have the time to properly recruit and train a new colleague and needed a suitable solution right away. That’s when Monin stepped in.” Bruno Zutterman


Monin is your organization’s number one database partner when it comes to translating your extensive, complex, long-term data to your company. We offer you assurance and advice in response to the current, innovative concerns of your organization.

Based on the customer’s needs, we select a customized solution in which our experts provide innovative technology-independent products and services. This way we guarantee an optimal and maximum availability of business databases.