Monin Private Cloud

At Monin we understand the need to run applications and databases in the cloud more than ever. Digital transformation brings a lot of opportunities, but challenges on the other hand too, for which the cloud can speed up things.

Public clouds are constantly evolving and bring many advantages, however they’re not the perfect fit for each customer:

  • No control over where your data is stored;
  • Losing certain flexibility in how your environment looks like;
  • Not all cloud applications can run in the public cloud;
  • Certain regulations require a to choose for a private cloud solution;
  • Etc…


That’s exactly where the Monin Private cloud comes in, whether or not an intermediate step to the public cloud.


Our Monin Private Cloud is located in several geographically distributed Belgium Tier 3 datacenters, connected to each other with a fibre-optic network.

Everything is based on fully redundant datacenter architecture without a single point of failure.

The infrastructure layer (network, storage, server) is built up using hardware from reliable Enterprise suppliers, all in a standardized way. This makes it easy to provide high availability and scalability across all our datacenters.

Next to that, Enterprise grade software like VMWare, Oracle Virtualisation, etc… ensure the SLA requirements can be met.

Just ask us for more details about the architecture in our Monin Private Cloud. We’re happy to share.

Monin Private Cloud differentiators

The Monin Private Cloud has both VMWare and Oracle Virtualisation running, so it’s perfectly possible to run your Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on our Oracle Virtualisation platform while hosting Microsoft SQL Server databases and the applications on VMWare. That’s the flexibility we can offer towards our customers, resulting in following differentiators:

  • The data is stored in our datacenters in Belgium;
  • We can provide more flexibility so the environment meets our customers business requirements, without the need to fit their systems/application in certain shapes;
  • Our customers can have direct contact with our experts, so we can search together to find the best possible solution whenever needed;
  • Our local Database and Datacenter support team is available 24/7 in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English. Also check our Managed Services;
  • Optimized for the Oracle licensing policy, to limit the number of Oracle licenses needed while still running on a redundant environment;
  • Personal approach for each customer.

Database Managed Services

Stay focused on what really matters: your business. This is what you do best! Let Monin unburden you from the Database Administration (DBA) tasks with our Managed Service offering. Remotely we’ll monitor, support and maintain your environment. No matter if the environment is running on-prem, in the Public Cloud or within the Monin Private Cloud. Check Database Managed Services for more info.

Sit down and relax, your database is in our experienced hands. Contact us for more information or an offer based on your demands, we’re happy to help you towards a smoothly operating database environment (by serving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux KVM, MySQL, PostgreSQL (community, EDB) and MongoDB).

As a division of Hestia Managed Services, also other technologies can be supported. Check out the Hestia website for more information about technologies and possibilities.


Find out which solutions we were able to implement and how we could help our customers by putting our data knowledge into practice.


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