Peter and Jelle’s first year @ Monin


Meet Peter and Jelle

Peter and Jelle, two junior Oracle database engineers at Monin, each with their own journey. Where Peter, 25 years old, already had some work experience in marketing automation, he had no experience with databases at all. Peter searched for a vacancy which better fitted his personality, talents and interests and not necessarily his capabilities. After a few job interviews and meet the team, Peter joined the Monin team in June 2018.

Jelle, also 25 years old, started his journey completely differently. Jelle was in his last year system- and network engineer and needed to do an internship to obtain his degree. This is how Jelle entered the world of databases and Monin. After his internship, he was truly convinced by the way of working at Monin. Therefore, he decided, that databases would be his future.

As you see, neither Peter nor Jelle had any experience within the world of databases.


Getting started

“In the first weeks, we followed a very intense Oracle course. We mastered the basics and started working with the team. This was a great opportunity to learn from the best. Whenever we had a question, everyone (even our managing partner) was available for help. We learned and improved immensely along the way.”

“During our job interviews, they told us Monin gives people the chance to grow in their job and gain a lot of knowledge. After our first year at Monin, we can only confirm this. We can honestly say that every single member of the team contributed to our development. We also had the opportunity to follow extra courses and get the certificates we need to develop our knowledge.”

Send your resume

“From the first day on, we felt as if we were part of the team as if we have known them for ages. Even though we were less experienced, they treated us as if we were one of them. If you’d ask us: ‘Would you recommend Monin to your friends? ’ we would answer with a resounding yes! We would tell them that we are very happy here and that we cannot wait to welcome them to our team.”

Still doubting on whether you should send in your resume or if working at Monin would be something for you, we would strongly recommend you to take a chance. And who knows, maybe we will see you soon!

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